The Porifera Story


About Us

Porifera is a California-based company which manufactures proprietary forward osmosis membrane solutions for a variety of industries. Our solutions efficiently remove water and retain only the most valuable components of products. This award-winning technology facilitates development of new products, increases processing efficiency and helps reduce waste.


Our Vision

Water is an essential component of manufactured products. Our process provides the ability to move water to where it is most economically and environmentally advantageous. We seek to empower our customers to reduce water waste, improve water reuse and make new and better products.


Our History

Porifera was established in 2009 in response to a Department of Defense DARPA challenge to develop a low-energy, easily transportable water purification system. Our team of PhDs created a membrane with better selectivity and 3x more throughput than any other product on the market. We continue to work in partnership with several agencies to develop award-winning processes for product concentration, waste minimization and water reuse.

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Our International Presence

Porifera’s technology has facilitated the development of new products since 2013. We proudly serve over 100 customers more than 20 countries.

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