Alcoholic Beverages

Refrigeration and transportation of alcoholic beverages cost manufacturers millions each year. What if it were possible to store and transport less liquid volume and provide the same end-product? Porifera has successfully concentrated a variety of alcoholic beverages and earned approval of reconstituted product from major manufacturers and research universities. Implementation of Porifera’s patented alcoholic beverage concentration technology has already saved companies millions in refrigeration energy savings and transportation savings.

Porifera’s Alcoholic Beverages Solution

Porifera has combined FO and RO technologies to develop a unique process which provide highly concentrated juices and wines. FO concentration occurs through osmosis, eliminating the phase changes and elevated temperature requirements of other processing technologies. Our cold concentration process operates at low temperatures, preserving product flavor and freshness.

  • FO concentrates with 0-45 ABV.

  • Process conditions control the alcohol concentration independently from flavor and color.