Explore Wastewater Treatment With Us

Our technology is well suited for various hard-to-treat wastes, but it particularly shines in treatment of high COD industrial streams and high salinity brines.

We also offer fail-safe water reuse options for demanding applications.

Our 3-step engagement process is designed to generate data to convince all relevant stakeholders that Porifera’s technology provides high value for your organization.


Step 1

In this step, we perform lab testing with your waste sample to demonstrate feasibility and estimate the water recovery rates we can achieve. 

Step 2

Next, we conduct a pilot at your facility to demonstrate and optimize the process. We determine appropriate pre-treatment requirements, cleaning protocols and additional tests to ensure solution efficacy. 

Step 3

Upon conclusion of the exploratory phase, we help you develop a technical and commercial assessment and provide a quote for a custom solution for your facility and application. Our services typically include design, fabrication, installation, controls, and integration of the system into your site. 

The process typically takes 3-9 months, including a pilot test phase of 1-3 months.