Explore Product Concentration With Us

Our 3-step engagement process is designed to generate data to convince all relevant stakeholders of the high-value Porifera’s technology provides.

Step 1

We conduct an initial test at our facility to demonstrate concentration feasibility to determine the level of product quality we can achieve. In this phase, we produce a small amount of concentrate for you to analyze. The concentrate quality of the initial test can often can be improved in follow-on trials.

Step 2

In follow-on testing we optimize system processes and help you demonstrate the new improved concentrate product to your customers. 

Step 3

Following conclusion of the exploratory work, we help you generate a technical and commercial assessment and provide you with a quote for a custom solution for your facility and processes. Our services typically include design, building, installation, integration of the customized system. After system installation, we are available to support you in further application development.

The process typically takes 4-6 months, although some customers have moved from initial inquiry to system purchase in less than 2 months.

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