What is Forward Osmosis?

Forward osmosis (FO) gently removes water with minimal impact on the feed solution. It's a natural process driven by chemical gradients.

Water flows across a semi-permeable membrane from a liquid with lower osmotic pressure (feed) into a working fluid with higher osmotic pressure (draw solution). An FO module is effectively an osmotic pressure exchanger. FO concentrates the feed and dilutes the draw. In some FO systems, the draw is re-concentrated and reused. The diluted draw remains clean and is easy to concentrate via other membrane or thermal processes.

Why FO for processing?

FO concentration occurs through osmosis, eliminating the phase changes and elevated temperature requirements of other processing technologies. Our unique cold concentration process operates at low temperatures, preserving the valuable components of products in their original state. Porifera technologies can reach higher concentration factors due to our ability to reach higher osmotic pressures.

What product is right for my application?


How do I get started?

Porifera offers a range of products to address the variety of markets we serve and unique challenges each encounter. Click on our Products page to discover the variety of options available to suit your application.

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Which draw solution is right for my application?

Many companies have focused on the search for the “magic draw.” Porifera recognizes a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work for most applications. We tune the draw to the application and sometimes develop trade secret formulations for particular products. Contact us to discuss your questions, concerns or preferences on draw solutions.