Food & Beverage Solutions


Consumers are turning away from traditional food and beverage products in favor of fresh tasting products.

Porifera technologies can concentrate food & beverage products to >60 Brix without the application of heat.

This gentle osmotic process removes water while preserving taste, nutrients, and color.

Our patented membrane technology enables concentration of food & beverage goods without compromising quality.


Our experience with a wide range of applications enables our team to develop solutions to best suit your specific needs.


>65 Brix
Melons & Berries


>55 Brix



>45 TS


>60 Brix
Coffees & Teas


25 Brix


>35 ABV



  • Potential to develop new products

    We have helped customers open new markets with the unique concentrates created with our systems.

  • New resource to improve existing product quality

    Increase shelf stability by storing products at high concentrations.

    Achieve higher concentration factors while retaining original product characteristics.

    Learn more about our product concentration process.

Reduce Environmental Impact

  • Reduce transportation costs

    Water accounts for the majority of weight and volume of most food and beverage products. Take water out, transport the concentrate and then dilute it at the point of sale to realize large transportation savings. This works because product from concentrate maintains the original product characteristics.

  • Reduce storage costs

    Do you store your products refrigerated or frozen? Concentrate them before storage to reduce your refrigeration needs.

  • Reuse more water and reduce waste

    Learn more about our water reuse and waste minimization solutions


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