Industrial Solutions


How can Porifera technology help your business?


Is your business facing increased disposal costs?

Are you paying to ship water in products around the globe? 

Are new regulations squeezing your budget?

Our experience with a wide range of applications enables our team to develop solutions to best suit your specific needs.

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More water, Less waste

  • How would 5-20 times less waste volume help your bottom line?

    Porifera’s systems are a powerful way to sharply reduce your disposal costs and produce high quality water for reuse. Some customers are able to eliminate disposal costs entirely through recovery and reuse of their wastewater, and reuse or sale of their concentrated waste as biofuel feedstock.

  • Learn more about our waste minimization and water reuse solutions

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Waste to Profit

Do you have valuable product that gets discharged with other wastes? We have helped customers concentrate valuable oils, surfactants, soap products, minerals, metals, sugars, and nutrients to recapture value.

  • Concentrate rinse water with dilute products

    Do you waste rinse or push water between manufacturing runs? We have helped 1) wineries concentrate juice from rinse water to make into wine, 2) beverage manufacturers capture sugars for biofuel, and 3) soap manufacturers capture and concentrate lost product.

  • Don’t waste valuable lithium or precious metals

    Concentrate, recycle and reuse!

  • Capture more oil from produced water after dewatering and before disposal

    Don’t inject valuable hydrocarbons when they can be captured to help pay for your dewatering project.

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Create New Products & Reduce Logistics Costs

  • Reduce storage and transportation costs

    Water accounts for the majority of weight and volume of most products.

  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

    Existing technologies, primarily evaporators, are energy-intensive systems.

  • Get more value out of your existing resources

    Low energy concentration of Lithium using existing brines

  • Potential to develop new products

    We have helped customers open new markets with the unique concentrates created with our systems.

  • New resource to improve existing product quality

    Achieve higher concentration factors while retaining original product characteristics.