Solutions for Municipalities

How can Porifera technology help you reuse water safely and cost-effectively?



Considering direct potable reuse?

Porifera’s dprShield technology offers improved contaminant rejection, real-time membrane integrity monitoring, and fail-safe pathogen barrier advancements that will give the public and regulators confidence in potable reuse. Our patented technology combines high rejection FO, RO, a pressurized draw loop, and a draw marker for a cost-effective solution for potable reuse.

  • Fail-safe pathogen rejection with dprShield’s inherent Breach Activated Barrier technology

  • Real-time 4-log membrane integrity monitoring

  • 6-log pathogen removal capability

  • Increased rejection of NDMA, 1,4 dioxane, and other Emerging Contaminants of Concern

  • Low maintenance, mostly unmanned operation

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Want to efficiently squeeze more water out of RO Brine?

Porifera’s technology can increase recovery up to 200,000 mg/L TDS or scalant limiting concentrations, whichever occurs first.

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Do you want to reduce BOD, COD, or salt loading into your wastewater collection system?

Porifera can provide point-of-use treatment systems that concentrate high sugar wastes for direct use in biofuel, biogas, or ethanol production systems.

Is sodium, chloride, or boron making recycled wastewater unusable for irrigation? Porifera’s point-of-use systems can concentrate high salinity wastes up to 200,000 mg/L, while exchanging sodium for magnesium in the purified water. This will improve the soil during irrigation instead of harming the soil.

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