Oil & Gas Solutions

How can Porifera technology help you improve your margins?


Over a well’s life, the volume of produced water can be more than 10 times the volume of produced hydrocarbons. What do the well operators do with this wastewater? The most common solution is to dispose of it via deep-well injection. Customers need a better solution due to upcoming regulations and rising disposal costs.

Our experience with a wide range of applications enables our team to develop solutions to best suit your specific needs.

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Reduce Disposal Volumes

  • Concentrate wastes to develop brines

    Some oil field wastes can be concentrated to develop brines suitable for fracking, stimulating or killing a well.

  • Reduce transportation costs

    The clean water produced can be reused for local agricultural purposes, eliminating wastewater disposal and transportation costs associated with oil and gas extraction.

  • Learn more about our waste minimization and water reuse solutions.



Ideal for Oil Field Operation

  • Low cost operation

    Porifera systems draws clean water from produced water at a cost competitive to deep well injection.  Our systems are low maintenance, unmanned and flexible. Porifera systems readily handle the highly variable feed water qualities associated with the life-span of a well.