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Product Concentration


We can help you create a product nobody has made before.

The possibilities are endless.


High Concentration Without Heat

  • Preserves all product qualities even in the most delicate products.

    Diluted concentrate maintains the original product characteristics

  • High concentrations

    Reach Brix levels 3x higher than reverse osmosis, competitive with evaporators

  • More flavor, more color, more nutrition

    Evaporative technologies cause color loss and product browning, Maintain true product colors and improve sensory properties with Porifera.

Robust Processing Capabilities

  • High viscosity and solids loading

    Able to process pastes and purees

  • High osmotic pressure

    Reach up to 70 BRIX or 3M NaCl equivalent

  • Wide operating range

    pH 2-11; high chemical compatibility

  • Low impact processing

    Operate at temperatures as low as 10° C

    Low pressure (<15psi)



Preferred Solution for Facility Managers

  • Smaller footprint

    Modular design for custom solutions

  • Minimal installation requirements

    Requires no steam or natural gas



  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

    Existing technologies are capital and energy-intensive


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