Product Concentration Systems 


“First run was a complete success!…The skid is perfect and well designed…a lot less complicated to use than expected…CEO and part owner observed and were extremely amazed…Truly amazing technology that you have created here.”

Manager of Innovation Technology at a confidential F&B Customer

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Demo System for New Product Development

The Porifera lab system is flexible enough to concentrate products from any feed source for taste tests and analysis.

  • Designed to demonstrate unprecedented retention of flavors, aromas nutrients, and product value

  • Concentrate a wide range of viscosities

  • Designed to produce 1-10 kg of concentrate

  • Small footprint, standalone system

  • Temperature control optional

  • Operates in batch mode with manual controls

Commercial Concentrate Production

Bring new, high value products to market quickly with rapid payback period.

  • Highest retention of flavors, aromas, nutrients, and product quality

  • Designed with food-safe components

  • Capable of processing a wide range of viscosities

  • Minimum product feed 0.1-1 gpm

  • Easily expandable to any production volumes

  • Small footprint, process integration support available

  • Temperature and oxygen control available

  • Operates in continuous mode with fully-automated controls

  • Includes data logging and SCADA-integration capabilities

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