Water Reuse Solutions


What are the benefits of Porifera’s water processing solutions?


Porifera’s systems are a powerful way to sharply reduce your disposal costs and produce high quality water for reuse. Some customers are able to eliminate disposal costs entirely through recovery and reuse of their wastewater, and reuse or sale of their concentrated waste as biofuel feedstock.

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Treat Challenging Streams

  • High COD and high TSS

    Porifera technology can handle higher chemical oxygen demand (COD), total dissolved solids (TDS), total suspended solids (TSS), and oil and grease levels than any other membrane technology.

    Our membrane systems have treated waste streams with 100,000 mg/L COD and generated clean water with less than 10 mg/L COD and concentrates over 300,000 mg/L COD with minimal maintenance.

    Porifera membranes allow greater reuse of water from challenging wastes up to 200,000 mg/L of TDS and syrup-type viscosities.

    We work with wineries, breweries, and other manufacturers on low cost, low maintenance solutions. Generally, auto-backwashing 50-micron strainers and a biocide are necessary for most high BOD and high TSS applications.

  • Unparalleled rejection

    Our unique process gently removes water from even the most contaminated waste streams, creating pure water for reuse. Tight FO membranes combined with RO membranes minimize passage of contaminants into the product water to reach higher rejection levels of Emerging Contaminants of Concern (ECOCs).

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Achieve Fail-Safe Purity

  • dprShield with Breach Detection

    The dprShield provides real-time breach detection and greater than 6-log pathogen removal (99.9999%). This is 3x more sensitive than any osmosis membrane technology on the market today, a breakthrough advancement in potable reuse. All Porifera water reuse systems contain a double barrier.

  • Real-time, high resolution integrity monitoring

    Our systems can be configured to continuously prevent contamination via a unique Breach-Activated Barrier. The system detects even the smallest of breaches, providing peace of mind with proof that the purification system continues to work as designed.

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Cost Effective Water Treatment

  • Low maintenance and reduced downtime

    Porifera systems are built for continuous operation. Our membranes require less frequent cleanings than other systems.

  • Low CAPEX and OPEX costs

    Install and operate Porifera systems at a lower cost than traditional technologies.


Meet New Regulatory Requirements

Porifera’s technology provides rejection better than two stages of RO membranes. It can also be tuned to further enhance rejection or exchange of certain molecules to improve discharge quality for irrigation, NPDES, or other requirements.