Waste Minimization


Reuse more water and create value from challenging wastes


Porifera solutions outperform others with waters high in COD and TDS


Low Energy Solution

  • Concentrate to high salinity with less energy

    Porifera proprietary multi-stage RO draw regeneration process enables low energy brine concentration.

    Porifera Concentrator uses only ~5 kWh/m3 to concentrate from 50,000 to 200,000 mg/L TDS

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Treat challenging wastes, including RO brines and produced waters

  • High salinity

    Recover more water from high salinity wastes into waste brines of 200,000-400,000 mg/L of TDS and clean water with <500 mg/L of TDS.

  • High COD and high TSS

    Porifera technology can handle higher chemical oxygen demand (COD), higher total suspended solids (TSS), higher oil and grease levels and higher viscosities than any other membrane technology. Our unique membrane allows reuse of water from COD wastes > 200,000 mg/L of TDS and syrup-type viscosities. Learn more about Porifera’s industrial solutions.

  • Unparalleled rejection

    Our unique process gently removes water from even the most contaminated waste streams, creating pure water for reuse. Tight FO membranes combined with RO membranes minimize passage of contaminants into the product water. Reach higher rejection levels of Emerging Contaminants of Concern (ECOCs).


Recover valuable products for reuse

  • Concentrate wastes to develop brines

    Some oil field wastes can be concentrated to develop brines suitable for fracking, stimulating or killing a well.

  • Capture additional hydrocarbons

    After concentration, some additional hydrocarbons may be separated and reused prior to disposal.


Achieve cost-effective near-ZLD

  • Greater than 50% CAPEX savings compared to evaporators

    Small footprint membrane systems are cheaper and safer to install at oil field sites.

  • Greater than 70% energy and OPEX savings compared to evaporators