Yes, and probably sooner than you think. Many municipalities are looking at toilet to tap, “aka  Direct Potable Reuse” as the holy grail of wastewater reuse. The problem with today’s technology is that the "fail safe" process is expensive, as there isn’t a cost-effective way to detect pathogen contamination in real-time—a critical regulatory hurdle that is holding it back in most states.

Porifera’s Solution

Porifera’s dprShield with Breach Detected Barrier is a cost-effective way to treat wastewater for direct potable re-use, by allowing for real-time breach detection and correlated pathogen removal at >6-logarithmic scales (>6-log). This is 3 times more sensitive than any osmosis membrane technology on the market today at a fraction of the cost.

The dprShield will soon be piloted under a California Energy Commission grant in collaboration with the Hayward Water Pollution Control Facility and for RO Concentrate recycle at the Orange County Water District Groundwater Replenishment System.

What does this mean for you?